We first met Meryl about 10 years ago when we took our first puppy to her training class,
and, over the years, have taken advantage of her yard cleaning services
as well as additional work with our more recent rescues. She is wonderful;
professional, very hardworking, smart, humorous, and the dogs love her!
Candace & Daniel Martinez


Thank you, Meryl, for bringing your expertise from the mental health
field to foster a clear, compassionate approach to dog training.
Stella and I attended your obedience classes almost 6 1/2 years ago,
and I still get compliments at how well-behaved,
attentive and friendly Stella is.
Not only did you teach Stella how to respond to a variety of
different commands (e.g. sit, come, slap-me-five),
you taught me the correct way of presenting the command!
Thank you for transforming my anxious rescue dog into my best friend.
Love, Lisa & Stella (who sends a million licks and slap-me-fives your way!!!!)


Meryl was incredibly helpful in working with me and my dog, Chico,
explaining, demonstrating and teaching me how to turn this scared
and damaged rescued Papillon into an obedient, helpful, valuable part of my life.
Chico is now an effective and well-mannered Assistance Dog who,
though he is tiny, opens many doors to a  fuller life for me.
Sarah Grace


Meryl trained two of my dogs, Elsa and Lucy, and in the process,
also trained me.  Meryl has a gentle, calm way with dogs even when one was,
by her nature, very stubborn.  The result for both dogs was excellent.
 In the future, I hope she’ll be available to train any
of my new canine family members.
Joanna French

Thanks Meryl. Your skills as therapist and your patience with my process has healed my relationship with my dog Caleb. You taught me how to redirect my anger so as not to inappropriately intimidate my dog. He trusts me because we both trust you.
Ricky R.


I want to add my own testimonial to a wonderful web designer, Kate Rollins.
Her vision, talent, and ingenuity were the guiding forces behind this web site.
I offer my unequivical recommendation of Kate Rollins, Web Designer.
Thanks, Kate, for everything.  Meryl

If your Pup needs pals for playtime and is ready for puppy training THIS! is it. Highly recommended!
I’ve known Meryl since I first moved here and got Okia, a shelter puppy. Okia, who had some of those (very stubborn) Terrier genes in her, blossomed with Meryl’s style of training. I’d always had Shepherds who just seem to train themselves and without Meryl’s training class Okia would have been my wild child for years. When THUNDER came along (wow that’s nearly three years ago now) we hooked up with Meryl again.

Marianna Hatten Owner & Innkeeper
High Feather Ranch Bed and Breakfast
29 High Feather Ranch