Grief Counseling



Knowing when it is time to let our pets go is sometimes a very difficult decision. The best scenario is that our pets die on their own, become paralyzed, or are in such excruciating pain that they tell us it’s time.  Sometimes, as pet owners, we are faced with a pet who is sick but may need an enormous amount of treatment that isn’t financially feasible.  Other times, it’s a very thin line and difficult to understand, making the decision even more difficult.  

Many dogs and cats will run away.  It’s their instinct to die on their own terms and not burden their loved ones.  And then, there are our faithful friends who know that their death will be so devastating to us that they hang on much longer than they should.  How do we tell?  Ultimately, this decision is yours: What information are we not hearing? What decisions need to be made?

Some of these include: 

  1. Home or vet euthanization?
  2. How to include the children?
  3. Should other pets be present?
  4. Do I need someone for support?
  5. Cremation or burial?


I am a licensed social worker with many years’ experience working with individuals, couples and families.  Specializing in trauma for over fifteen years, I left private practice with humans to pursue my passion for working with animals.  I have combined my love of animals with my  social work skills and have fascilitated unique relationships between animals and people.  

This has led me to recognize the gaps that exist in the services offered to people and their pets.  As a skilled psychotherapist and animal behaviorist, I work collaboratively with human companions, veterinarians,  and other specialists.   We review the history of the animal to get a complete understanding of the animal’s health, the familys’ financial situation, and the quality of life the animal is experiencing.  I am very adept at assessing the dynamics that may be impeding the decision-making process and hold no preconceived notions of how the situation should proceed.  This collaborative process enables thoughtful concensus that best serves everyone concerned. 

 $85.00/hr ( initial consultation, on-going check-ins, and accompaniment to euthanasia if requested.)